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The Law Office Of Jenny Rae Foreman LLC focuses on landlord-tenant law in the Bend, OR area. Attorney Foreman has years of experience, and she understands both sides of landlord-tenant disputes. She focuses on eviction disputes-if you were unfairly evicted or your tenant isn't paying rent, turn to attorney Foreman for legal support.

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Settle any dispute fairly

Settle any dispute fairly

Trust the Law Office Of Jenny Rae Foreman to resolve your landlord-tenant dispute in Bend, Redmond or Sisters, OR. Attorney Foreman represents landlords and tenants, and she'll work hard to find a fair solution. She handles landlord-tenant disputes in Bend & Redmond, OR that involve:

  • Rental agreements
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Habitability violations
  • Repair issues
  • Damage claims
  • Left-behind tenant property
  • Housing discrimination
  • Lease violations


Attorney Foreman is well-versed in landlord-tenant law, and she'll fight to ensure that you're getting treated fairly. She can also help you draft rental agreements. Call her office today to arrange an appointment.